NEWS FLASH!  NEWS FLASH!!  We have received word from the American Theatre Organ Society that we have won the bid to host the National Theatre Organ Convention on the traditional first week of July 2017.  Plan on joining us to hear and see at least six wonderful theatre organs and fantastic performances..  Some of the organs are: Wurlitzers, Mortons, Walkers, Allens and others.


PLANNED ORGAN EXPANSION AND RFINEMENT for the Pinellas Park Wurlitzer.  A very nice Wurlitzer Tibia and Vox Humana have been added and are they ever nice!  Some chests are to be relocated to accommodate a main and solo chamber.  One set of swell shutters will be reversed to change the direction of the sound from the solo chamber.  We expect to hear a dynamic improvement in the sound of the organ.  This is part of our drive for the best in Wurlitzer sound.